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Tampon Helper

Tamponhilfe mit Saugfuß

Devices for grasping (ISO Code 24.18.03)
Assistive products to assist and/or replace arm and/or hand and/or finger function (ISO Code 24.18)

Manufacturer: Stiftung Orthopädische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg Orthopädie Technik Heidelberg
Insert date: 29/12/1993
Last update: 23/11/2008
Database: Rehadat (DE) 

Original document: Rehadat (DE)


Jim Doran Hand Controls Limited 

Helping to improve your future independence, by keeping you in the driving seat - Jim Doran Hand Controls have been designing, manufacturing and adapting vehicle conversions for the disabled since 1962, developing in size, skills and experience to encompass the most complex adaptations and accommodate the demand for its specialist and comprehensive mobility activities, throughout the UK .Today its reputation is unsurpassed in the field of driving aid provision, offering a specialised and personal service based on many years of unique knowledge and experience and that of its highly skilled team.

Vehicle modifications are designed and carried out to the highest standards to ensure safety and reliability and suit individual customer's requirements, taking into consideration their strength, stature and fatigue factors, including special modifications to compensate for weakness and lack of dexterity in all four limbs enabling them to continue driving safely, for as long as possible. Installations are made to be as unobtrusive as possible and may be by-passed to enable an able-bodied person to drive the adapted vehicle.


Well over 1000 vehicles pass through our doors each year


Garlic Rocker Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher

 With the Garlic Rocker, you can easily and evenly crush garlic and then remove the odors from your hands when you're done!

Simply rock the stainless steel crusher back and forth over your clove of garlic and then scrape the small cubes with a spoon into your pan.

When it's time to clean up, simply rinse off the Garlic Rocker in the sink. Rubbing your fingers on the stainless steel to clean the Rocker will simultaneously remove the garlic odor from your hands. Dishwasher safe.

at about 8 x 1½ inches, and is very good quality and quite heavy  


Auto Safety Master Opener (5-in-1 opener)

SmartNav Hands-Free Mouse

Hands-Free Cursor Control



NaturalPoint's SmartNav 4 is a reliable and accurate, hands-free mouse alternative that allows complete control of a computer by naturally moving the head.

With an industry leading price point and the most advanced feature set available, the SmartNav cursor control solution stands above the rest. Unlike other head tracking systems on the market, SmartNav integrates an innovative hardware design with an easy to customize software package, resulting in a complete solution for both the ergonomic and assistive technology community. Learn more about SmartNav »

Single foot switch   $34

1 button. This is a front hinged pedal, of high-quality design including a nice textured surface. This single action pedal provides more comfort and control than any other foot pedal on the market.Requires SmartNav for operation.

Dual USB foot switch   $129

2 buttons. For users who wish to increase their comfort and productivity, completely hands free, the SmartNav and Savant Elite DualAction Foot Switch is the answer 

Bibo Water Dispenser Hot and Cold Water 


Living with the Bibo

there main uses for  Bibo  tea/coffee with hot water and cold water. 

The void left by the removable drip tray is large enough for a teapot, water jug or even a saucepan due to the angular delivery of the water. This has sped up cooking time as boiling water can be instantly introduced to vegetables etc.

From time to time Bibo will create a loud whirring sound, similar to that of a laptop computer(but louder). This could be troublesome if you live in a small apartment or open plan living area but we could only hear it when in the kitchen.  people with poor motor skills can benefit because they would no longer have the need to lift a heavy kettle filled with boiling water. 


Aglaja shower system





The Aglaja® shower system contains: 
Design piece brush holder
left/right rotation of the brush
a slide rail 1.6 m with two wall holders
a brush
an accumulator
a charger
a skin care towel
Choose the suitable brush that blends in your bathroom. The brushes made of nylon are easy to clean as they dry very fast in the shower area and therefore remain hygienic. 

As an option, you can choose the Aglaja shower head holder wherewith you can fit your shower head on the same sliding rail as the skin-care brush. You will find mounting ideas in our picture gallery.
You would like to choose a slide rail in chrome? Or an additional brush with strong bristles for an especially intensive skin massage? No problem. Assemble your shower system at your option. 

On the Aglaja® price list and the Aglaja® prospectus ou will find a produt overview.

6 New Gadgets 



Digital Homes.ie                                                                        doorautomationsystems.ie

Suite 2, Design Studio,                                                               door automation systems Old Castle View,                                                                                        25 Herbert Park,
Kilgobbin Road,                                                                         Bray,
Stepaside,                                                                 Co. Wicklow,                                     
Dublin 18.                                                                 Phone: 01 286 7601


Phone: 012161567


iPod touch Accessibility Features for Mobility Impaired

Tactile Buttons & Voice Command Aid Users with Limited Manual Dexterity

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EU talks in campaign for drug settlement

Published on the

08 January



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A THALIDOMIDE victim from Yorkshire is to hold talks with the EU Health Commissioner as he steps up his fight for justice against the German pharmaceutical company which developed the anti-morning sickness drug.


Guy Tweedy and four colleagues – who are representing the UK’s 469 remaining Thalidomiders – have secured a meeting on Friday with Antonio Borges, in the hope of brokering a compensation talks with Grunenthal and the German government.


The meeting comes after a concerted lobbying campaign of UK MEPs by leading Thalidomide victims, who aim to secure a financial settlement from Grunenthal for UK, Swedish, Canadian and Australian victims of the “wonder drug”.


Mr Tweedy, 51, a businessman from Harrogate, said: “Over the last few months we have had a series of meetings with UK MEPs and, thanks to their support of our campaign, we now have a face to face meeting with Mr Borges.


“We hope we will be able to persuade him to use his influence to mediate a solution that will lead to us sitting down with representatives of both Grunenthal and the German government, and, ultimately, receiving compensation for the lasting damage their drug has done.”


Mr Tweedy, who was born with shortened arms and fingers fused together, added: “In 1971, the German government passed a law protecting Grunenthal from anyone taking legal action against it in relation to Thalidomide.


“However, the company needs to own up to its responsibilities and help those who have been living with the side effects of 
Thalidomide for more than 50 years.”


Thalidomide was administered to pregnant women to combat the effects of morning sickness, however, in May 1962 the drug was withdrawn after it was linked to crippling side effects in new-born babies.


At least 2,000 babies in the UK were born with deformities brought about directly by Thalidomide, and more than half
of them died within their first 

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